Engineering Leadership Research Seminar – Elevating & Activating Leader Character Alongside Competence

January 11, 2018 @ 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm
200 College St
Toronto, ON M5T 3A1

Elevating and Activating Leader Character Alongside Competence

Good leadership is a function of competencies, character and the commitment to doing the hard work of leadership.  In this workshop Dr. Mary Crossan will talk about what it takes to activate leader character and how it contributes to sustained excellence for individuals and organizations. Contrary to popular beliefs character can be defined, assessed and developed.  Anchored in quality of judgment, the dimensions of character include Courage, Drive, Transcendence, Justice, Accountability, Humility, Humanity, Collaboration, Integrity and Temperance. Consider that strength of character, such as with the dimension of Integrity, is often simply assumed in the professions, but unfortunately there is little training to actually develop character.

Professor Crossan will describe an initiative with the Western Engineering Formula Race team designed to elevate character alongside competence that enabled the team to move from 45th in the world to top 10 out of 500 FSAE teams within just one year.  She will also describe educational initiatives focused on developing character and address why it is critical for both educators and the stakeholders they engage.

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