Club Space

Club Leaders Roundtable

The Roundtable brings club leaders to share ideas, insights, and strategies, as well as learn from each other through guided discussions. Club leaders will have a chance to slow down and reflect on their own leadership experience and develop more awareness about themselves, their club, and important leadership topics. This is also a great opportunity to network with other club leaders and dig into common issues.

Coaching Program

The Coaching Program is for students looking for individualized direct support for their personal leadership development. With an ILead staff member, the student will work through leadership blockages or challenges. There is a focus on goal setting and generating insights about themselves.

Change Facilitation

Change Facilitation targets a specific organizational level issue or need that a club wants to work on. The facilitation is customized and co-developed with club leaders and facilitated by ILead. Examples of issues or needs are: transition, club culture, vision-mission-strategy, conflict, motivation-commitment-retention, etc. The end product can range from a workshop for the club executive or the entire club, an organizational restructuring of the club, or the development of a strategic plan.

Summer Fellowship

Becoming a Summer Fellow lets you connect with other student leaders who are driven by the desire to improve their club or organizations and themselves as leaders. Participants  should have an existing set of ideas and goals for the kinds of change they want for their organization, and come to the program willing to share, learn and exchange from their peers. The Summer Fellows will form tight relationships and push each other’s learning through informal presentations, high quality feedback, and interacting with ILead staff, instructors, and the ‘professor of the practice’ (a senior engineering leader from industry).