Mike Klassen

Assistant Director, Community of Practice on Engineering Leadership | mike.klassen@utoronto.ca | 416.978.5315

MKsqMike brings a wealth of experience working inside the Faculty of Engineering on leadership and curriculum development. As an undergraduate, he helped establish the EngSci and Faculty-Wide working groups of ILead, the Energy Systems major in EngSci, and the Center for Global Engineering (CGEN). Mike brings creative energy and practical experience in engineering leadership for wider social impact. He worked for three years in Ghana, Uganda and the UK with EWB Canada, as a consultant, team leader and portfolio manager. Most recently he worked as a senior analyst evaluating the social impact of Canadian charities. Mike has a Graduate Diploma in Social Innovation from the University of Waterloo (2014) and a BASc in Engineering Science (2010) from the University of Toronto.