Be prepared to stretch your comfort zone in this intense experience that’s focused on understanding societal change and leadership.

SHIFT (Systems and Human-centred Innovations For Tomorrow, formerly known as The Game) is a multi-tier suite of social innovation learning experiences. Through your participation in workshops, competitions, and project mentorship, you will explore human-centred design, systems thinking, societal dynamics, empathy, self-awareness, team functioning, and project implementation. You will also see the emotional ups and downs of wrestling with the personal and technical hurdles of promoting change. There are three ways for you to participate in SHIFT:

  • Workshops – These will be offered throughout the year (schedule TBA) and will bring amazing guest speakers in to speak about the complexities and challenges (both personal and technical) of trying to make societal change happen. The stories of these speakers will be coupled with activities and discussions which will challenge you to expand your perspectives and engage more deeply with their lessons.
  • Competitions – A full-day competition will be hosted once each academic term to provide you with a chance to pick up some practical skills in scoping, defining, and making holistic considerations for complex issues. Mentors will be available to guide your thinking and subject matter experts will be on hand to provide critique and feedback.
  • Project Mentorship – Have a specific idea in mind for how you want to make the “world” (big or small) a better place? This part of SHIFT pairs you with a mentor, financial support, and guided learning to help you bring that idea one step closer to reality. Influencing policy, creating advocacy, collecting research to support a cause, starting a new organization, and prototyping new technologies are just some of the ideas that fit well with this part of SHIFT. No matter when you start, you’ll have a chance to present your progress at the end of the academic year.

Great For
Students who are interested in societal change/social innovation, want to work through ambiguity, empathy, absorb diverse perspectives, and take a step towards realizing a vision for a better world.

Time Commitment
Varied depending on involvement. Projects are the most time-intensive at 30+ hours, while a single workshop is typically 2 hours.

How To Join
Check back in September!