Club Space

Crash Course on Managing People & Teams

Through a short series of workshops, you will build your confidence and effectiveness as a team/club leader in a cohort with other club execs. This structured program will provide quick guidance around approaches, tools, and frameworks that seasoned leaders use to boost their results. At the end, you will receive an ‘ILead Team Management Certificate – for Leading Teams and Organizations’.

Customized Club Support & Workshops

What club wouldn’t benefit from a customized leadership or teamwork workshop tailored to the context and goals of their team? Or maybe guidance in developing an updated mission, vision, or strategy to build energy, consensus, and clarity for the group moving forward. ILead can provide or develop a wide range of supports in partnership with club leaders to meet the specific needs and challenges of your club, helping your organization flourish and achieve its full potential.

Coaching Program

The Coaching Program is for students looking for individualized direct support for their personal leadership development. In 1on1 conversations with a coach, you will be challenged to think critically and deeply about the leadership challenges you’ve identified for yourself, come to your own insights and conclusions, and set goals to overcome those challenges.

Summer Fellowship

Becoming a Summer Fellow brings you together with other student leaders who are deeply committed and driven to improve their club or organization, as well as themselves as leaders. Participants should have an existing idea or change project that they want to work towards for their organization. The Summer Fellows form a tight-knit group to push each other’s learning through workshops, discussions, speakers, hands-on work, and peer feedback.