Minha R. Ha

Instructor, APS447 | minhareo@yorku.ca

Minha R. Ha is Sessional Lecturer at Troost ILead and a PhD Candidate at Lassonde School of Engineering. She has degrees in Molecular Biology (McMaster U) and Educational Contexts (U of Calgary). As a first generation immigrant, Minha has always worked alongside her studies, from making a good cup of coffee and teaching Grade 9 science units to designing and delivering programs, providing admin support, and working with children and adult learners in various settings.

Minha has served in a number of committees in engineering schools, some of which have been pivotal in her strong interests in sustainability, ethics and equity, and educational leadership. Minha’s research highlights how systems perspective and transdisciplinary knowledge rigour bear upon the design practice of engineers in industry. Non-reductionistic inquiry is at the heart of her teaching and research.

She enjoys co-creating knowledge and responsible solutions with learners.When she is not teaching or analyzing data, Minha enjoys walks outdoors, conversing with people of all age groups, reading and playing the piano.

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