Shakil Choudhury

Co-Founder | Anima Leadership

ChoudhurysqShakil Choudhury is co-founder of Anima Leadership, an award-winning consulting company that believes when people feel like they matter and belong, the extraordinary becomes possible. Anima offers innovative organizational change and training solutions to nurture inclusive, productive workplaces. Shakil’s experience includes leading community development projects in Latin America, film crews in Toronto and peace-building projects with communities in conflict in Europe. Shakil’s fascination for how the mind works, neuroscience and diversity issues has developed into a holistic approach to leadership, one that integrates emotional intelligence skills with prejudice-reduction strategies and mindfulness training. His recent projects include creating the tools and curriculum for the government of Canada’s Racism-Free Workplace Strategy, as well training school system leaders on Ontario Ministry of Education’s Equity and Inclusive Education Strategy. His most challenging and fulfilling management experience, however, has been his 2 year old daughter teaching him about fatherhood.