Since 2011, the ILead research team has been conducting foundational research on engineering leadership in two institutional contexts: workplaces and classrooms. Through our research, we have contributed to international scholarly discussions on engineering leadership, teamwork, engineering ethics and equity, undergraduate student experience and university-to-work transitions. Our research depends on insights drawn from a growing community of engineers and human resource professionals working in engineering intensive organisations. A third research context involves evaluating and analyzing ILead’s impact. All of our work is designed to serve ILead’s institutional vision – engineers leading change to build a better world. To learn more about ILead’s research initiatives, please contact Cindy Rottmann at

Our Publications

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Potential Thesis Projects

ILead is building its capacity to supervise undergraduate and graduate students interested in writing theses on engineering leadership education. To learn more, please contact

2017-2018 ILead Research Seminar Series
Date/TimeLocationSpeaker(s)Institutional AffiliationSeminar Title
October 18, 2017
WB215Gregg Warnick & Alan ParkinsonCollege of Engineering and Technology, Brigham Young UniversityTaking the Road Less Traveled: Institutionalizing Leadership Development at a Large College of Engineering and Technology
November 16, 2017
WB215Gerard SeijtsIvey Business School, Western UniversityWhat is Leader Character and How Does It Influence How We Lead?
January 11, 2018
WB215Mary CrossanIvey Business School, Western UniversityElevating & Activating Leader Character Alongside Competence
February 7, 2018
WB215Bill SchellCollege of Engineering, Montana State UniversityUnderstanding Leadership Identity and Leadership Development Experiences of Engineering Students
March 7, 2018
GB202Erin A. CechDepartment of Sociology, University of MichiganProfessional Culture and Inequality in Engineering
April 11, 2018
WB215Alison OlechowskiMIE & ILead, University of TorontoLeadership and Decision-making in Complex Engineering Design Projects