What is engineering leadership education?

Leadership education is about learning how to effectively handle complex, human challenges that often mean the difference between success and failure. Engineers are taught to think analytically and systematically. Leadership skills build on these strengths to make you a more effective engineer. More than just important, leadership skills are essential.

You can increase your impact by developing your leadership skills through Troost ILead’s programs. Learn to:

  • Build a vision and mission for yourself and your organization
  • Work more effectively in teams
  • Increase your awareness of others and use interpersonal skills
  • Contribute your best in any situation
  • Turn empathy into impact
  • Uncover the strengths of team members and inspire them to common purpose

Find out how to get involved:

Students are encouraged to visit our Student Programs page uoft.me/ileadstudents.

Engineering and leadership professionals are encouraged to explore our Community of Practice.

Researchers are invited to visit “About our research.

Contact us at info.ilead@utoronto.ca.