Elevate your team. Speak with one of our Teamwork Advisors.

About Teamwork Support

Want to improve your team performance in an academic course this term? ILead is offering drop-in office hours and course-specific support.

No matter what engineering course you are in, come meet with one of our Teamwork Advisors.

Bookings & Drop-In Hours

Scroll down for links to the team support booking forms, and information about weekly drop-in office hours. Feel free to come to talk about whatever team or personal development related topic you have on your mind; any student from any engineering course may drop-in.


This handbook is designed to support students in setting up, navigating, and succeeding in hybrid engineering teams. Hybrid engineering teams are those whose work combines both virtual and in-person components.

Access the handbook here, and share with collaborators and friends.

Through this handbook, we wish to enable teams to adopt strategies and practices so that they can be equally as effective in virtual and hybrid teams as they are when working fully in person.


"Teamwork is never equal to the sum of the parts that go into it. It is always equal to more or less. Building an effective team environment is step one to making it equal to more."

Rubaina Khan_Headshot

Rubaina Khan

Supports team in: ESP (Engineering Strategies & Practice)

Rubaina Khan is an Assistant Professor at ISTEP and coordinates teaming workshops and curriculum in engineering design courses.

She has supervised teams to compete in robotics competitions, hackathons, capstone projects, and design teams.

Rubaina believes teamwork skills are essential as we need to learn how to work together, which enables us to tackle real-world problems and audacious goals that just would not be possible alone.  

Jennifer Galley_Headshot

Jennifer Galley

Supports teams in: MIE243, MIE301, MIE242, MIE350 and all other courses in FASE.  

Jennifer Galley is the Experiential Learning Specialist at ILead/ISTEP.

She supports students with expanding their self-awareness, leadership identity, and interpersonal skills in courses and co-curricular programs and workshops.

Jennifer has over a decade of experience supporting student groups and teams with the implementation of practices, strategies and techniques to enhance their interpersonal relations and culture.

She currently facilitates team dynamics, conflict resolution and effective feedback curriculum in various courses and capstone across the Faculty.  

Topics available for discussion

  • Conflict resolution
  • Setting or resetting team values/norms
  • Motivating and engaging team members
  • Clarifying your own strengths
  • Improving psychological safety within the team
  • Reviewing work styles for how to work with different types of people
  • Personal and team goal setting
  • Articulating course team experiences for job interviews
  • Whatever you else you bring

If you are looking for support with your team in a student club or organization, please use our Customized Clubs Support request form.

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