Our Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision

Engineers leading change to build a better world.

Our Mission

  • To develop curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular programming for leadership education for undergraduate and graduate students in engineering.
  • To conduct research on the pedagogy of leadership education in engineering.
  • To conduct research on leadership practice in engineering-intensive enterprises.
  • To reach out to others with an interest in engineering leadership education to develop a community of practice.

Our Values

Education & Lifelong Learning
Realizing Personal Potential
Mindfulness & Reflection
Service & Contribution
Compassion & Appreciation
Creativity & Innovation
Discovery & Creating Knowledge
Excellence in Execution

What do our vision, mission and values mean for you?

Read more about our vision, mission and values in our document Visioneering, available in Reports & Publications. Learn about how our vision, mission and values work for you by visiting What is engineering leadership education? and How do I get involved?


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