Our Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision

Engineers leading change to build a better world.

Our Mission

  • To inspire engineering students to identify as leaders
  • To equip students for lifelong leadership development
  • To inform our programs with workplace and classroom research on engineering leadership
  • To elevate the conversation on leadership in the engineering community

Our Values

Education & Lifelong Learning
Realizing Personal Potential
Mindfulness & Reflection
Service & Contribution
Compassion & Appreciation
Creativity & Innovation
Discovery & Creating Knowledge
Excellence in Execution

How do I get involved?

Students are encouraged to visit our Student Programs page uoft.me/ileadstudents.

Engineering and leadership professionals are encouraged to explore our Community of Practice.

Researchers are invited to visit “About our research.

What do our vision, mission and values mean for you?

Read more about our vision, mission and values in our document Visioneering, available in Reports & Publications. Learn about how our vision, mission and values work for you by visiting What is engineering leadership education?