ILead Student-Staff

Yewon Lee

Community Animator

Yewon is in her second year of Engineering Science and will be working as a Community Animator for ILead this year. Years of leading camps and mentoring students have taught her that leadership not just about voice, but about influencing others through action and example. She hopes to continue these practices at ILead and beyond. Outside of ILead, Yewon is an NSight Mentor, volunteering her time to help first year Engineering Science students with the transition to university. She has also been involved in UTAT Rocketry throughout her first year. Yewon is very excited to be working with ILead this year to engage the engineering community in opportunities to realize their leadership potential.

Nirali Patel

Leadership Lab Facilitator

Nirali is a fourth year (+PEY) student in Chemical Engineering who believes that engineering and leadership are two sides of the same coin, both of which are critical to enacting sustainable change with a mindful impact. Previously Nirali has participated in ILead’s Summer Fellowship program, and Club Leaders Roundtable, where she gained valuable insight on developing effective teams that drive personal and organizational growth. Through her position, Nirali hopes to inspire and enable students to realize their own leadership potential, by equipping them with the tools and knowledge to become leaders in change. Outside of engineering, Nirali is a lover of the arts and athletics, and can usually be found attending concerts or trying out a new activity with her friends.

Hanna Zhang

Student Club Liaison

Hanna is in her third year of Engineering Science majoring in Robotics and will be working as the Student Club Liaison for ILead this year. She’s really interested in robotics in medicine and is working to make her contribution to that space. She’s a little offbeat and hyper, but it gives her great joy to serve others and help them be their best selves. To her, strong leaders are vital because they set the direction and support their team members to grow and contribute. They inspire and motivate others and create a comfortable and productive space. She believes that embracing diversity in leadership and experience make for a more cohesive team unit. She’s really excited to learn more from the amazing leaders in the SKULE community and support them in developing their club to add to the diversity on campus where there’s truly something for everyone

Emma Sexton

Leadership Lab Facilitator

Emma is in her final year of Industrial Engineering. When she isn’t working tirelessly in the lab or cooking tofu, she’s probably trying to ask you deeply personal questions. Emma believes in the power of self reflection and guided self discovery for personal growth. Emma spent most of her undergrad acting a fool with Skule Nite, which prepared her for being a fool in real life. She is excited to be working with the ILead team and hopes to engage others in meaningful conversations and experiences.

Brandon Lista

Leadership Lab Facilitator

Brandon is in his fourth-year of Industrial Engineering here at the University of Toronto. He is passionate about leadership and education, having worked with many different student groups to help them achieve their goals. This includes having worked as the Director of Hi-Skule Engineering Outreach, working to inspire an interest in STEM fields in youth. To him, authentic leadership is the key to working well with people and pave the way to a better future. He is very excited to be working with the ILead Student Team to help encourage other students in the engineering community to discover their leadership potential.

Sining Qin

Leadership Lab Facilitator

Sining is a 4th year Engineering Science student. Majoring in Robotics, she is very passionate about robotic systems in human-centred environments. To her, leadership is about creating the supportive community for members to grow. She also has a great interest in how language and cultural differences can affect and be leveraged to improve experience and development of both individuals and teams. Sining is excited to meet fellow engineering students as part of the ILead student team, to discover and understand their stories as well as share hers.

Aldrin Villamayor


Aldrin is a second year Civil Engineering student. He has a strong interest in sustainable building design, and hopes to one day help develop more sustainable infrastructure in third-world countries around the world. Aldrin strongly believes that the greatest leaders are those who are able to see the needs of their team and meet those needs in order so that the team will be effective and reach its goals. Not only is he passionate about engineering and leadership, Aldrin also loves to take photographs and document his experiences using his camera.

Prachi Sukhnani

Digital Content Specialist

Prachi is just beginning her UofT Engineering Science journey and is joining the ILead Student Team as the Digital Content Specialist. Her favourite parts of the Skule community are: her fellow EngScis, and the enormous intellectual stimulation that the division provides. She also gets to relax by exploring her hobbies and interests while giving back to Skule though photography, graphic design, and volleyball. To her, leadership means being an equal member of the group, being willing to do an equal amount of work, properly recognising the strengths of those around, and more than anything, dedication and passion.

Nurin Fazil

Community Animator

Nurin Fazil is in her second year of Electrical Engineering and is currently working with ILead as the Community Animator. Her leadership journey began in high school when she got involved in a series of leadership conferences and got to experience the different roles that go into making a conference happen. Participating in leadership-building opportunities quickly became an interest for her which is why she has continued to do it here at the University of Toronto. Leadership to Nurin is about the meaningful connections you make, the impact you leave and the lessons you learn about yourself. Participating in events and opportunities like these have helped her build her confidence and improve her interpersonal skills. Aside from this, in Skule she’s been involved with EWB in organizing a social change and leadership conference for high school students as well as ILead’s The Game (known as SHIFT now). When Nurin isn’t studying or working, she enjoys exploring the various food spots and bubble tea shops downtown Toronto has to offer.