ILead Student-Staff

Aldrin Villamayor

Photographer |

Aldrin is a first year Civil Engineering student. He has a strong interest in sustainable building design, and hopes to one day help develop more sustainable infrastructure in third-world countries around the world. Aldrin strongly believes that the greatest leaders are those who are able to see the needs of their team and meet those needs in order so that the team will be effective and reach its goals. Not only is he passionate about engineering and leadership, Aldrin also loves to take photographs and document his experiences using his camera. As a freshman, he is excited to be working with the rest of the ILead student team and looks forward to meeting more of the engineering student community throughout the year.

Anike Morrison

Communications Assistant |

Anike is in her second year of Industrial Engineering. This epistemophile knows that a team is greater than the sum of its parts. Working with the Engineering Student Recruitment and Retention Office has fired her passion for using all forms of communication (in-person, email, newsletter) to engage and educate others. Anike looks forward to learning all she can about the many forms leadership takes in our engineering community in order to bring the best ideas, stories and articles to the engineering community at U of T.

Arash Nourimand

Leadership Lab Facilitator |

Arash is in his third year and is specializing in the mechatronics, solid mechanics and bioengineering streams of Mechanical Engineering. When he isn’t swimming or eating sushi, Arash is an active member of the University of Toronto Aerospace Team’s Space System division and the Volunteer Engineering Experience Program. Arash believes that leadership and personal development is paramount in engineering education and can move mountains when combined with academic knowledge and technical expertise. Arash hopes to be able to contribute to the evolution of leadership education and its direct applications to engineering design practices throughout his time with ILead.

Dorothy Liu

Community Engagement Coordinator |

Dorothy is in her second year of Civil Engineering. She’s very interested in developing sustainable cities, from better, faster transportation system to greener buildings. In her opinion, the best way to lead a team is to be part of it and work together towards the same goal. When she’s not studying or working, you can find her across all bubble tea shops in Toronto. Having been a part of ILead last year, she is determined to share their amazing opportunities to as many students as possible! Furthermore, she’s looking forward to collaborating with Engineers Without Borders (EWB) to provide a platform for students who would love to see a change in the world. Dorothy hopes to promote ILead and their leadership development events so they benefit more students and help them find their passions.

Julian Cui

Community Engagement Coordinator |

Julian is in his second year of Computer Engineering. He is very passionate about engineering education and bringing personalized learning to education systems. Julian believes that effective learning only occurs when participants are actively engaged and aware of their personal development within the curriculum. Participating in The Game last year taught him the importance of self-reflection and how decisive action is necessary for project progress. Julian is extremely excited to be a part of the ILead Student Team, and looks forward to engaging the engineering student community in realizing their leadership potential.

Maheyer Shroff

Leadership Lab Facilitator |

Maheyer is in his final year of Engineering Science (Physics option). He is deeply fascinated with the subatomic universe and intends on exploring this further. Maheyer recognizes that it is only with good communal leadership that the world can benefit from the immense knowledge accumulated throughout the history of mankind. Maheyer has quite active on campus; serving as EngSoc’s Ombudsperson and representing the Varsity Blues Mountain Biking team. He is extremely excited to be part of ILead and looks forward in helping future engineers channel their leadership skills to reach their fullest potential.  

Megan Jia

Student Clubs Liaison |

Megan just finished her third year Engineering Science program major in Biomedical System Engineering. She has a great interest in Neuroengineering and is passionate about inspiring young innovators exploring the STEM field. Megan believes that an ideal leader is an individual who would help the team to seek for a better version of themselves. As a responsible executive for two clubs, she oversees her role at ILead as a “ruler”, which will help club leaders to draw a “path” that improve their organizational effectiveness in achieving their own missions. She is also involved in developing community camps with U of T Engineering Outreach Office and deliver in school workshops for grade 1 to 8 students around GTA.

Morris Huang

Student Clubs Liaison |

Morris is in his second year of the Materials Science and Engineering program. He is enthusiastic about nano-material applications and tackling complex global issues in his local communities. To him, leadership is about leveraging the team’s strengths and expertise to achieve a common goal, and has combined this idea into his role as a portfolio lead at Engineers Without Borders in order to invest in young leaders. Along with the ILead team, Morris aims to assemble engineering leaders in a diverse community to share their experiences which will improve the club leaders to achieve their goals more effectively. Morris is currently involved in creating experiential leadership opportunities with EWB for students within the engineering population.

Rishabh Mundhra

Student Clubs Liaison |

Rishabh is in his final year of Mechanical Engineering. He is an extremely passionate sustainable energy enthusiast and strongly believes that the power of good leadership can bring about paradigm shifts that the world needs. This past year, Rishabh has been quite involved in Campus Life, leading the Indian Students’ Society (ISS) at the St. George campus. He looks forward to a proactive summer with the ILead team, aiming to bring together leaders and decision makers in the Engineering community with the goal of mutual learning through shared experiences. Rishabh wants to pursue entrepreneurial ventures within the energy sector and is currently developing ideas to contribute to sustainable development in society.

Rosemary Jose

Leadership Lab Facilitator |

Rosemary is a third-year Engineering Science student, specializing in Energy Systems. She is passionate about sustainability and innovation, and is currently working on technology to reduce food waste within households (a project that began in The Game). Rosemary enjoys serving in mentorship and leadership roles in her community, and is currently VP Operations at the NSight Mentorship Program and Consulting Director at 180 Degrees Consulting. To her, leadership is about empowering others toward their full potential. Rosemary is very excited to be contributing to the leadership growth of the engineering community at U of T through the ILead Student Team!

Violet Jiang

Leadership Lab Facilitator |

Violet is a fourth-year student returning from PEY, pursuing an Electrical Engineering degree at the University of Toronto. She is specializing in Energy Systems and Control Systems. Violet has always enjoyed motivating and helping others to achieve their potential. Served as the VP Campus of a non-profit student organization, she believes that leadership is about building team confidence through constructive collaborations, effective communications, and commitment to improvements. Violet is excited to join the ILead Student Team, hoping to engage other students in the engineering community to develop their leadership skills, while further discovering her own leadership potential.