ILead Student-Staff

Ata Artan

Clubs Liaison

Ata is an incoming 4th year Industrial Engineering student who is currently pursuing his PEY. He believes that leadership education opportunities are imperative to enable the next generation of UofT engineers in becoming leaders who are empowered not only with technical know-how but with the confidence to create the breakthroughs of tomorrow.Previously Ata has held directorship roles at the You’re Next Career Network, one of UofT’s prominent professional development organizations, and at Orientation Week 2018 where he gained valuable insights on developing effective teams that drive personal and organizational growth.He is excited to be a part of the ILead team and is looking forward to be a part of an initiative that encourages the engineering community to discover their leadership potential.

Tiana Guido

Digital Content Specialist

Tiana is a second year Master of Information student studying User Experience Design. She did her undergrad at UTM studying Culture, Communication, Information, and Technology. She has an interest in studying, analyzing, and improving human computer interactions (HCI) through taking into consideration users’ needs. Through her educational career she has developed a passion for design thinking. On Tiana’s free time she likes to travel with friends and family and enjoys testing out new Instagram recipes. At Troost ILead, Tiana hopes to engage more students in leadership development activities.

Antony Ndugi

Data Analyst

Antony is in his final year of undergraduate studies pursuing Industrial Engineering. He believes engineering leadership is being able to communicate ideas as well as the willingness to listen to other people’s ideas to make holistic decisions. As an engineer, your work will involve working with people from different expertise which, though not engineering, plays a huge role in determining the final design or product. He is passionate about data and business analysis and is looking to develop his leadership at ILead to excel in these fields. Antony has been involved in CCP (Alternative Reading Week), Career Exploration & Education, CIE, School of Cities and ILead among others. He has also conducted mentorship for elementary and high school students in Kenya for the last 5 years.

Tanvir Shahriar

Community Animator

Tanvir is a 3rd year Computer Engineering student and will be working as a Community Animator for ILead this year. Dedicated involvement in student clubs over the years have taught him that leadership is not about managing people,  but about being the glue that holds together and fosters a culture of growth and mutual empowerment. Alongside his passion for leadership, his interests lie in understanding how knowledge and technology shape human communities, competitive debate, and discovering new music. He is very excited to be a part of the ILead team this year and hopes to make meaningful contributions to ILead’s leadership development programming.

Namya Syal

Community Animator

Amritha Tayalur Jagadeesh

Community Animator

I am a third year chemical engineering student at UofT. Being a part of the ILead student team has given me an opportunity to meet new people and develop my own personal leadership skills. Leadership to me is being confident about who I am and being more self aware about my goals and capabilities. I am also the Alumni Outreach Director for EngSoc this year and enjoy connecting with alumni and managing and leading my executive team. When I’m not studying or involved in Skule, I like hanging out with my friends and trying out new food places downtown.

Aldrin Villamayor


Aldrin is a third year Civil Engineering student. He has a strong interest in sustainable building design, and hopes to one day help develop more sustainable infrastructure in third-world countries around the world. Aldrin strongly believes that the greatest leaders are those who are able to see the needs of their team and meet those needs in order so that the team will be effective and reach its goals. Not only is he passionate about engineering and leadership, Aldrin also loves to take photographs and document his experiences using his camera.

Julien Zhu

Community Animator

Julien is in his second year of Industrial Engineering. His experiences in ILead’s Leadership Labs and in the FIELD summer program provided him with a vision to implement leadership in his own everyday life. To him, leadership begins with an understanding of self, grows through healthy risks and self-reflection, and fosters a profound connection between people, organizations, and communities. From that, he hopes to inspire students to initiate personal visions of leadership themselves. Inasmuch as Julien enjoys working with ILead, he also enjoys building and riding bikes with Bikechain. And on the side, he keeps in touch with the TrackOne community as a mentor and can be found hanging out with friends