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1% Inspiration

The saying ‘success is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration’ led co-founders Maeesha Biswas, IndE 2T1+1+PEY (left in photo) and Jennifer Wang, ChemE 2T1+PEY (right in photo) to name their podcast. […]

Strategy for the End of Term: Look After You

Feeling stressed? Remember that there are many resources and services available to support students! ‘Listen to your body’, ‘never assume’ and ‘reach out’ were some of the key themes touched […]

First Troost ILead Difference Maker Award Winner Announced

Morris Huang (Year 4,  MSE + PEY Co-op) has been selected as the first winner of the Troost ILead Difference Maker Award. Learning about the award came on an especially significant day for Morris; his iron ring arrived in the mail only 15 minutes after receiving the phone call with news of his win.
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