Leadership Labs

Build and practice leadership skills! Drop in on a Leadership Lab and gain practical tools to support your personal and professional development.

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Be your best self. Improve team projects. Communicate under pressure. ILead’s Leadership Labs teach you practical skills that you can apply at SkuleTM and beyond. Our fun and interactive workshops run online through September 2020. Drop in! Spend a weeknight with us and explore a leadership topic that piques your interest. You'll gain important skills and meet great people.

Program Type
Leadership Quick Dip

Great For
Anyone looking to begin their leadership learning, to develop new skills, or to meet new people.

Time Commitment
1.5 hour workshops starting online September 2020.

How To Join
Register at the links provided.

If you attend four Leadership Labs you will receive recognition on your Co-Curricular Record.


Conversations for Connection vCCR

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Conversations for Creating Connection

It’s easy to start a conversation, but what do you say after getting past “hello, how are you”? Especially with our constantly online lives, it can feel harder to really get to know the people that we interact with. Research has shown that getting to know people and building meaningful social connection is strongly correlated with academic success, mental wellbeing, and professional success. It has also shown that connections are made meaningful when there is openness and follow-through. Come and push your comfort zone in practicing these concepts at this interactive session on powerful conversations.


Chart Your Future Clubs vCCR

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Chart Your Future for Campus Involvement

Want to get involved on campus, but confused or overwhelmed by all the possible choices of clubs and activities in an online world? If you’re unsure about what you want or how to get there, you’re not alone! Join us to get guidance around how to connect your desires and interests to what’s available. Intentionally set up your future Skule experience with some actionable reflection and interaction with your peers.

Peak Performance vCCR

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Engineering Your Peak Performance

With Special Guest Omer Aziz P.Eng– Strengths Based Coach

Worried about your ability to motivate yourself through an online term away from the structure of campus and the close support of your peers? Want to learn tried and true techniques and approaches to hacking your own state of peak performance and state of flow? Come to this interactive workshop where you’ll unpack your own specific triggers and blockers for achieving a flow state and design your own process for more regularly achieving your best possible performance in school and beyond!

Stress Management vCCR

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Strategies for Time and Stress Management

Starting a new year online comes with a lot of challenges, not the least of which are figuring out how to better manage your time and stress. Harness your inner self-manager to explore ways to improve your academic and personal survival skills in this interactive workshop where you will try new tools and decide what is most effective for you. Whether you’re just starting your university journey or looking to upgrade your productivity,  this workshop will have something for you.

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