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A series for personal development and reflection

This program was designed to: 1) to expose you to industry options, 2) provide guided, deep personal reflection about your own career path and your strengths, 3) and create opportunities for community building among your peers, and time to meet and ask questions directly of working engineers. Sessions are a blend of panels, small group discussion and reflection activities.

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    • Law, Policy and Politics - January 2021 (day and time TBD)

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    June 26, 2020

    Rahul Goel, EngSci 1T6 Founder of PheedLoop

    Angela Tran, EngSci 0T5, MASc 0T7, PhD 1T2 General Partner, Version One

    Jeremy Wang, EngSci 1T7+PEY Co-founder of Ribbit

    July 8, 2020

    Mina Shahid, Mech Eng 0T9+PEY Co-Founder and CEO, Numida

    Jason Sukhram, MSE 1T1+PEY Manager, MaRS Discovery District’s Centre for Impact Investing

    Sandra Odendahl, ChemE MASc 9T0 Vice President, Social Impact and Sustainability, Scotiabank

    July 22, 2020

    Lesley-Ann Foulds, Civ 1T0+PEY, Section Manager, Engineering Strategy, Ontario Power Generation Nuclear

    Elissar El-Hage, Civ 1T5, Regulatory Affairs Consultant, Toronto Hydro

    Justin Tobia, EngSci 1T4+PEY, Capacity Planning, Toronto Hydro

    August 5, 2020

    Amir Allana, EngSci 1T2, Paramedic and Fellow with the McNally Project for Paramedicine Research

    Sabrina Tang MD, Indy 1T1+1, Family Medicine Resident Physician, St. Michael's Hospital

    Sanjay Malaviya, Founder and Former CEO of RL Solutions

    September 30, 2020

    Mehran Hydary, ECE 1T4+PEY, Product Manager, Blockchain, UNICEF

    MohammedShabbar Manek, MIE 1T8+PEY, Software Engineer, Instagram

    Jaquelyn G. Monis Rodriguez, MIE 1T5+PEY, User Experience Designer, TD Bank

    November 4, 2020

    Minha R. HaILead Instructor and PhD Candidate, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Lassonde School of Engineering
    Dr. Emma MasterProfessor,  Principal Investigator, Bioproducts Research Lab and BioZone
    Dimpho Radebe MSc, PMP, MIE 1T4+PEY, Doctoral Student in Engineering Leadership Research, Troost ILead
    German Ruvalcaba MEng, MEng IBBME 2T0, R&D Engineer, Baylis Medical

    Meet Your Panelists

    Research & Academia


    Minha R. Ha

    Minha R. Ha is Sessional Lecturer at Troost ILead and a PhD Candidate at Lassonde School of Engineering. She has degrees in Molecular Biology (McMaster U) and Educational Contexts (U of Calgary). As a first generation immigrant, Minha has always worked alongside her studies, from making a good cup of coffee and teaching Grade 9 science units to designing and delivering programs, providing admin support, and working with children and adult learners in various settings.

    Minha has served in a number of committees in engineering schools, some of which have been pivotal in her strong interests in sustainability, ethics and equity, and educational leadership. Minha’s research highlights how systems perspective and transdisciplinary knowledge rigour bear upon the design practice of engineers in industry. Non-reductionistic inquiry is at the heart of her teaching and research.

    She enjoys co-creating knowledge and responsible solutions with learners.When she is not teaching or analyzing data, Minha enjoys walks outdoors, conversing with people of all age groups, reading and playing the piano.


    Dr. Emma Master

    Emma Master is a Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry, at the University of Toronto, and the Associate Director of BioZone: A Centre of Applied Bioscience and Bioengineering. She leads the Genome Canada Synbiomics project, as well as the NSERC CREATE training program in Open Science for Industrial Biotechnology in the Circular Economy which emphasizes training in inclusive cultures. Grounded by a deep appreciation of the carbon, energy, and function embodied by Canada’s boreal forest, her team harnesses the exquisite selectivity of biocatalysts to tailor major wood fiber components for use in renewable materials that support our transition to a sustainable, bio-based economy ( In 2010, Emma Master was awarded a Finland Distinguished Professor Fellowship to establish a research team at Aalto University in Finland, and in 2015, she was awarded a European Research Council Consolidator grant to expand her research network within Europe. Over the past ten years, she has supervised 21 post-doctoral fellows, 16 Ph.D. students, and 27 Master’s students.


    Dimpho Radebe, MSc, PMP

    Dimpho is an IndE 1T4+PEY. She obtained an MSc in Management, specialising in Operations Management, from the University of Bath, and has 5 years' work experience in the private and public sectors. She most recently worked as a Senior Analyst in Cancer Screening Implementation at Cancer Care Ontario (now Ontario Health) and has returned to the University of Toronto to pursue a PhD in Engineering Education with a focus on engineers who transition to the public sector.


    German Ruvalcaba, MEng

    German Ruvalcaba is a Biomedical Engineer with 3 years of experience in medical device development and fast-paced medical companies. He completed an MEng in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Toronto and he has worked in multiple projects related to product development, medical regulatory compliance, programming, image processing, medical 3D printing, VR and ML. He is currently working at Baylis Medical as a R&D Engineer.



    Mehran Hydary

    Mehran is a Canadian electrical engineering graduate from the University of Toronto.

    He has spent the last few years specializing in blockchain and web development. During his time at Deloitte as an engagement manager, he worked closely with clients, developers, and designers to ship production-grade web products. In addition to delivering products, Mehran was responsible for scaling the blockchain practice at Deloitte.

    Currently, Mehran is a product lead at UNICEF Innovation. In his role as product lead, he is creating cutting-edge products on the Ethereum and Bitcoin blockchains so that UN agencies around the world can utilize blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies effectively and seamlessly. Some of his projects include: Crypto Fund and The Atrium.

    Mohammed Manek

    MohammedShabbar Manek

    Mohammed is a software engineer at Instagram where he works on Instagram Threads, a standalone app for keeping in touch with your close friends. He graduated from the University of Toronto in 2019 from the Industrial Engineering program having taken several iLead courses over the course of his undergrad. In his spare time, Mohammed enjoys learning about new things, hiking and exploring.


    Jaquelyn G. Monis Rodriguez

    Jaquelyn is a User Experience Designer at TD Bank, where she advocates for customers when creating digital experiences for insurance products and the public site. She uses principles from psychology, engineering, and design to better understand how people interact with physical and virtual artifacts in their environment. Her role focuses on multidisciplinary collaboration to bridge business needs and technology capabilities in order to generate solutions that align with users’ expectations and enable them to achieve their goals. Jaquelyn has also worked in the healthcare industry, where she created digital experiences for a patient safety software and led usability research on medical devices.

    Jaquelyn holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Industrial (Systems) Engineering with a Minor in Engineering Business from the University of Toronto. During her time at UofT, she was very involved in various organizations that promote leadership, equality, and innovation such as ILead, Engineering Outreach Office, Women in Science and Engineering (WISE), Institute of Industrial Engineers, and Human Factors Interest Group (HFIG).


    Rahul 852 by 814

    Rahul Goel

    Rahul is the founder of PheedLoop, a Canadian event management and automation software company. He graduated from the University of Toronto in 2016 from the Engineering Science program (aerospace option), where he founded the space robotics club called RSX (Robotics for Space Exploration), and was actively part of the Entrepreneurship Hatchery and ILead. Team PheedLoop is on a mission to create affordable event technology and help conference and trade show planners streamline and monetize their events in new ways. With the COVID-19 pandemic halting the world of in-person events, Rahul and his team have rapidly and successfully evolved to support large and complex virtual events on the PheedLoop platform. Rahul also works on a small personal not-for-profit project called MangoMoon. In his spare time, Rahul enjoys anything related to astronomy, recreational aviation, motorcycles, scuba diving, and virtual reality experiences. 

    Angela Tran 852 by 814

    Angela Tran

    General Partner at Version One, Angela is a native Torontonian and newly naturalized US citizen who calls San Francisco home. Investing in the US and Canada, she has a unique perspective on both ecosystems. An engineer by training, Angela’s desire to help others and work with people who are bringing about positive transformational change led her to the world of VC, where she has quickly made a big impact. 

    Angela focuses on health/bio, AI/ML, social platforms and other startups leveraging network effects. While she loves data, she believes that good investing is both value- and data-driven. 

    Prior to Version One, Angela co-launched Insight Data Science, a YC-backed startup designed to help PhDs transition from academic research to careers in industry via a six-week training program. With this experience, she is uniquely poised to help startups accelerate data science as a key differentiator. She helps founders hire data scientists and grow their teams, and can be found as a data scientist in residence, working onsite at portfolio companies. 

    Angela received her PhD in Operations Research & Financial Engineering from the University of Toronto. She is a trustee on the board of the Computer History Museum where she chairs the NextGen advisory committee. She is also involved with the Creative Destruction Lab in Vancouver. 

    jeremy_wang_852 by 814

    Jeremy Wang

    Jeremy is a co-founder of Ribbit, a start-up building autonomous aircraft to deliver food to isolated northern communities. Prior to Ribbit, Jeremy was the Chief Technology Officer of The Sky Guys, and Executive Director at the University of Toronto Aerospace Team. He is halfway through a PhD in mechanical engineering at the University of Waterloo, and completed a BASc in Engineering Science at the University of Toronto. While at U of T, he participated in ILead's club leaders' roundtable, summer fellowship, leadership labs facilitator program, and he completed his undergraduate thesis with ILead.

    Social Impact

    Sandra IG

    Sandra Odendahl

    Sandra Odendahl is Vice President, Social Impact and Sustainability at Scotiabank. She brings over 20 years of experience in environmental science, engineering, and responsible finance. Her previous executive positions include President and CEO of CMC Research Institutes, an environmental tech and innovation company that facilitates the testing and scale-up of technologies that reduce carbon emissions from industrial sources. She headed the Royal Bank of Canada’s Corporate Sustainability, Social Finance and Social Innovation teams. Prior to joining RBC, she worked as an environmental scientist for Noranda in Montreal, and as an environmental consultant for BEAK Engineering in Toronto and Vancouver. Ms. Odendahl is Chair of the Toronto Atmospheric Fund, and a board director of the Ontario Clean Water Agency. Sandra has a degree in chemical engineering from the University of Ottawa and an MASc from the University of Toronto. She is a licensed professional engineer, and holds a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation. Sandra lives with her husband and two children in Toronto. 

    Mina Shahid 852 x 814

    Mina Shahid

    Mina is the Co-Founder and CEO of Numida, a fintech social enterprise based in Kampala, Uganda. Numida provides convenient and unsecured working capital loans to financially excluded and semiformal micro and small businesses. Prior to Numida, Mina was an Acumen Global Fellow and interim COO at the foodtech social enterprise, SiembraViva in Medellin, Colombia. Before this, he co-founded Kulemela Investments which provided working capital debt to Ghanaian agribusinesses that had a food security focus.  While at Skule, he led the EWB Chapter and played various leadership roles on campus and graduated as a Mech Eng 0T9+PEY.   


    JasonS 852 by 814

    Jason Sukhram

    Jason is a Manager with the MaRS Discovery District’s Centre for Impact Investing, whose mission is to support stakeholders from the private, public and non-profit sectors on leveraging private capital for social good. While actively working to help organizations quantify and manage their social and environmental impact, he has also developed new social investment opportunities, including a social impact bond to keep indigenous children out of the care system in Manitoba.

    Prior to joining MaRS, Jason worked to build and finance social enterprises in the developing world with the Clinton Foundation’s poverty alleviation initiative from New York and Colombia. His previous experiences also include co-authoring a report with a global health research group on scaling primary care programs in low income countries, and working in technology portfolio management with BlackBerry.

    As a student, Jason was an active iLead participant by supporting cross-faculty initiatives and establishing a student working group within the MSE Department. He also completed his  BASc and MBA at UofT through the Jeffrey Skoll BASc/MBA Scholarship program.


    Elissar El-Hage_Headshot 852 X 814

    Elissar El-Hage

    Elissar holds a BASc in Civil Engineering from the University of Toronto with a Minor in Environmental Engineering, a MSc in Environmental Technology from Imperial College London’s Centre for Environmental Policy, and a MPA in Science, Engineering, and Public Policy from the Engineering Faculty at University College London with a focus on Urban Innovation and Public Policy. During her post-graduate education, she sparked an interest in the energy industry when she undertook a project to study the barriers and enablers to increase municipal initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase resiliency in the transit and energy sectors.

    Over the last two and a half years, Elissar has worked in the electric utility industry as an Analyst with Powerconsumer Inc., and currently as a Regulatory Consultant with Toronto Hydro. She has acquired an in-depth understanding of Ontario’s framework for regulating electric utilities, and gained first-hand experience in preparing and defending complex rate-setting applications, as well as exposure to utility asset management strategies.

    Headshot_LF 852 x 814

    Lesley-Ann Foulds

    Lesley-Ann Foulds is a Section Manager in Engineering Strategy at Ontario Power Generation Nuclear. She has nearly a decade of nuclear industry experience in station engineering, operations, and strategic support. Currently her work involves oversight of nuclear research & development activities, as well as strategic design for the engineering organization. She holds a Bachelors of Applied Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Toronto and a Masters of Design in Strategic Foresight & Innovation from OCAD University.

    JustinTobia 852 x 814

    Justin Tobia

    Justin Tobia is a licensed P.Eng., and has been employed by Toronto Hydro for 5 years where he practises as an electrical engineer. His main responsibilities involve planning and justifying the sustainment of the electrical substations which supply the city of Toronto with electricity. Justin holds a BASc in Engineering Science – Energy Systems Engineering Option from the University of Toronto, class of 1T4+PEY. During his time at U of T, Justin was an executive member of the STEM-focused LGBTQ student club, LGBTQase, and a member of the Engineering Positive Space Committee. In his spare time he enjoys thought-provoking television, board games, and studying (non)convex optimization.

    Healthcare & Medical


    Amir Allana

    Amir is a paramedic and a Fellow with the McNally Project for Paramedicine Research. He is pursuing a Masters degree at the Institute for Health Policy, Management and Evaluation (IHPME) here at U of T. He does research on the evolving role of paramedics in extending primary care and social services out to patients in the community, beyond their traditional role in emergency medicine. In particular, he studies how paramedics can better integrate and coordinate with existing services within the health system to provide more patient-centred care. This includes roles such as home visits to the elderly and chronically ill, care pathways for mental health emergencies, and paramedic-initiated referrals to social services particularly for people living in poverty.

    Prior to being a paramedic, Amir worked for 2 years as a public planner in the energy sector in Ontario, and over 2 years in Uganda in international development. During his time as an Engineering Science (1T2) student, he was president of the campus EWB chapter and involved with the cross-faculty working group on engineering leadership.


    Sanjay IG

    Sanjay Malaviya

    Sanjay Malaviya founded RL Solutions, a Toronto based patient safety software company, in 1997, and served as President and CEO from 1997 to 2019. During his tenure, he transformed RL Solutions from a one product company born out of a hospital IT department, to a leading provider of risk management, patient feedback, claims management and infection surveillance software to over 2000 healthcare organizations around the world. Sanjay’s continued leadership and vision has been instrumental to the growth of RL Solutions, culminating with an exclusive endorsement from the American Hospital Association for the company’s incident management solution, RL6:Risk, as well as 9 of the top 10 hospitals in the US counting themselves as RL Solutions clients.

    A graduate of the University of Waterloo, Sanjay has leveraged both his degree in Computer Engineering, as well as his almost decade of experience in a hospital setting, to offer a truly unique perspective on healthcare IT. To this day, he continues to be driven by his passion for making healthcare software not only cutting-edge, but also intuitive and easy to use for even the most casual user. While guiding the company to more than 15 consecutive years of profitability, Sanjay has never lost focus on the importance of positive employee engagement. In addition to implementing concepts such as unlimited vacation for all staff, Sanjay’s leadership has resulted in RL Solutions being named one of the best employers in Canada for many years running.


    Sabrina Tang 852X814

    Sabrina Tang

    Sabrina Tang is an incoming Family Medicine resident at the University of Toronto. Sabrina is passionate about technology and systems innovation to improve humanity in healthcare. She sits on the Canadian Medical Association's Joule Innovation Council and is a consultant for Empower Health ( Sabrina has been a social innovation fellow at MaRS Discovery District, policy analyst at Ontario’s Ministry of Health, operations consultant for academic hospitals in Boston, and user experience designer at Imprivata.

    Sabrina holds a MD from Dalhousie University as well as a BASc in Industrial (Systems) Engineering and MHSc in Clinical Engineering from the University of Toronto. She was also trained at McGill University in Artificial Intelligence, and Singularity University in Exponential Technology and Entrepreneurship at NASA Ames Research Center in Silicon Valley.

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