In the Field Leadership Series

The faces of leadership in our SkuleTM community

In order to better understand how U of T Engineering students view, define, and interact with leadership, ILead’s Photographer, Aldrin Villamayor,  and I (Anike Morrison, ILead’s Communication Assistant) are starting an “in the field” leadership series. With this series we are seeking to uncover the many facets of leadership in the SkuleTM community. Check out our first session where we spoke to two fourth year chemical engineering students.


Spencer Torrance (Year 4, ChemE)

“A leader is someone who creates an inspiring vision, and motivates people to join that vision. It’s someone who can organically change the way they work.”


Armand Suwanda (Year 4, ChemE)

“Leadership can be a balancing act. You’re trying to get the task done, while keeping deadlines flexible. There’s a fine line between being democratic and being assertive. It’s about changing to accommodate other members — if others come forth, fall back. If not, take the role of leader. As a leader, you guide your group to a common goal.”


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– Article by Anike Morrison

– Photography by Aldrin Villamayor