Leadership Inside Out

Apply your expert problem solving skills and expand your leadership potential in the Leadership Inside Out program - an immersive journey tailored for engineering students to amplify your impact and drive positive change.

About the Program

Leadership Inside Out is a co-curricular leadership development program specifically designed for engineering students who want to strengthen their leadership identity and skillset.  

This transformative 4-week program will empower you with the interpersonal and communication skills to become an effective change leader. Through hands on fieldtrips and networking with industry experts, we will explore tools and strategies to recognize and leverage your agency to effect positive change. By participating in this program, you will use your engineering problem-solving skills to evolve your leadership capacity and influence!

Applications for the 2024 Session are now open until Thursday May 16.

Who is Leadership Inside Out For?

Undergraduate and graduate University of Toronto Engineering students are welcome to apply. With limited spots and a high demand, we ask that you please ensure you are committed to attending and engaging in all sessions you apply for. The deadline to apply for the 2024 session is Thursday May 16th 

Program Details

Once accepted into the program, you must sign a Participation Agreement, Photo Waiver and pick-up your Adventure Pack during designated drop-in sessions. Pick-up dates and location will be emailed to you if your application is accepted to the program.  

By attending 3 of the 4 sessions, you are eligible for Co-Curricular Record (CCR) validation. The programming staff will automatically complete this at the end of the program, and you will receive an email verifying that this activity has been added to your CCR.  

Please note: for all sessions we will meet on campus (UTSG) and travel to the off-site location as a group via TTC. Cost of travel will be provided.

Skills you will Develop

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Summer 2024 Session Details


In this foundational session, you will look inward to build awareness of the beliefs, values, attitudes, and emotions that motivate you to act. As innovative engineers, you are trained to think creatively when solving intricate problems in the world but how do you apply these exploration principles to your own life? In a serene outdoor space, you will explore your capacity to spark change through connection-oriented creative activities.  

Through this fieldtrip, you will;

  • Practice creativity as a tool for self-awareness and uncovering your unique leadership style 
  • Understand how thinking, feeling, and behaving with consistency and authenticity influences how you engage in social change 
  • Explore your identity as an “engineer” in relation to your other interests, values and skills 

Date: Friday, May 31st

Time: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm 

Location: Travel as a group to Downsview Park, Toronto 

Lunch: Bagged lunch provided. 

2024 (2)

In this immersive fieldtrip, we will visit sites of social change in Regent Park, Toronto. This session will build from a consciousness of self to identify your commitment and motivational energy to serve and initiate change. Leaders with the City of Toronto, community members and industry experts connected to the Regent Park development project will share the specific skills required to engage stakeholders in complicated and tumultuous change. Differences in viewpoint are inevitable and you will examine the behaviours and attitudes that establish a sense of civility.

Through this fieldtrip, you will; 

  • Practice tangible communication skills for conflict mediation and transformation 
  • Explore asset-based approaches to community development and innovation 
  • Understand the attitudes and behaviours required to build rapport and meaningful relationships 

Date: Friday, June 7th  

Time: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm 

Location: Travel as a group to site of social change in Toronto 

Lunch: Bagged lunch provided. 

2024 (3)

In this exhilarating event, you will experience the power of effective teamwork for a common purpose. Leadership is not an individual sport – you will need to rely on your team’s commitment and strength to propel social change. As an engineering leader, you are constantly working on teams. You will apply these subtle teamwork skills to the high intensity context of dragon boating. Here you will starkly see and feel the critical role communication plays in driving effort and influence. 

Through this fieldtrip, you will; 

  • Collaborate with others to transcend individual goals, interests and behaviors for the collective need 
  • Exemplify communication strategies that encourage, guide and elicit the strengths of others 
  • Reflect on how you may excel or hinder team dynamics outside of this experience 

Date: Friday, June 14th  

Time: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm 

Location: Travel as a group to Toronto Waterfront, Sunnyside Paddling Club 

Lunch: Bagged lunch provided. 

2024 (4)

In this cumulative event, you will lean into your confidence and competence as an engineer to communicate with impact and awareness. We will explore dynamic sites on campus, including the geothermal exchange project, and meet the engineers who designed and led multi-million-dollar social change initiatives at U of T. In these connections, we will unpack the evolution of a social change project (i.e. initiation to adoption) and key considerations like universal design and environmental stewardship.

Through this fieldtrip, you will; 

  • Practice how to represent your vision and knowledge with agility and responsiveness 
  • Consider equity, diversity, inclusion and accessibility in all social change initiatives 
  • Reflect on the skills required to adapt to environments and situations that are constantly evolving 

Date: Friday, June 21st  

Time: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm 

Location: Various Sites on University of Toronto St. George Campus 

Lunch: Lunch provided. 

Here's What Past Participants Have Said

“Learning outside of the classroom with real life scenarios to teach leadership in a new and exciting way.”  


“The program helped me understand that I am capable of making changes to communities and it all starts with a desire to make those changes.” 


“The program showcased and improved my ability to connect with people with different backgrounds and ages to discuss and debate on certain topics. I believe this skill is crucial for an engineering leader since this role requires effective communication towards a wide range of people.” 

Program Contacts

Jennifer Galley, Experiential Learning Specialist: jennifer.galley@utoronto.ca 

Vivian Trumblay, Leadership Education Specialist: vivian.trumblay@utoronto.ca