Online Summer Fellowship

Join a tight-knit group of student leaders who push each other to become even better at driving change in their clubs and teams.












Becoming a Summer Fellow brings you together online with other student leaders who are deeply committed and driven to improve their club or organization, as well as themselves as leaders. Participants should have an existing idea or change project that they want to work towards for their organization. The Summer Fellows form a tight-knit group to push each other’s learning through workshops, discussions, speakers, hands-on work, and peer feedback.

Great For

Student leaders who want to address key challenges and establish new directions for their club or organization.

Content & Topics:

  1. Organizational Learning: Organizational Change, Culture Change, Strategy
  2. Skills Building: Critical thinking, Active Listening, Understanding Perspectives, Planning
  3. Leadership Development: Values, Learning from failure, Leadership styles
  4. Engaging Activities: Workshops, Discussions, Speakers, hands-on work, peer feedback

Organizations That Have Participated:

EngSoc, UTAT, EWB, YNCN, VEEP, ChemClub, UofT Chem Vehicle, SEA, UofT Data Science, ProjectInclude, Startups

Time Commitment

Biweekly evening (remote) meetings from May to August 2020.

Applications for summer 2020 are closed

Don’t hesitate to contact with questions about next year's cohort.

Current Cohort

Summer Fellows 2020 (online)

Hit the link to learn about their change projects.

Fellows 2020

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