The Game

Be prepared to stretch your comfort zone in this intense experience that’s focused on understanding societal change and leadership.

The Game is an intense, project-based, social innovation learning experience. Through your participation, you will work with others to explore human-centred design, systems thinking, societal dynamics, empathy, self-awareness, team functioning, and project implementation. You will also experience emotional ups and downs as you wrestle with the personal and technical hurdles of promoting change. Your teams will be supported by powerful allies in the form of mentors, guest speakers, and fellow students who will help you learn to connect to others, fail, and look deeply at societal systems.

Great For
Students who are interested in societal change/social innovation, want to work through ambiguity, empathy, absorb diverse perspectives, and take a step towards realizing a vision for a better world. Must be available for the launch session and on Thursday evenings (see schedule here). Apply as an individual, teams will be formed on the first day of the program.

Time Commitment
15 – 20+ hours/semester from October to March. Regular meetings 2-3 times a month. Please consult the schedule below.

Wed Sept 206:00-7:00 pmInfo SessionGB120
Sat Sept 3010:00am-4:00pmLaunch!GB202
Thurs Oct 56:00-8:00 pmDesign Thinking WorkshopGB202
Thurs Oct 196:00-8:00 pmMentor MatchingGB202
Thurs Nov 26:00-8:00 pmStakeholder Engagement and User Research with Natasha JamalBA2159
Thurs Nov 166:00-8:00 pmCase Study on Innovation Hub with Julia SmeedBA2159
Thurs Nov 306:00-8:00 pmMidpoint ShowcaseGB202
Thurs Jan 116:00-8:00 pmMoving ForwardGB202
Thurs Jan 256:00-8:00 pmForesight with OCAD Futures of Social Innovation Research GroupGB202
Thurs Feb 86:00-8:00 pmSystems Thinking and LeadershipGB202
Thurs Feb 156:00-8:00 pmSocial Impact CareersGB202
Thurs Mar 16:00-8:00 pmPractice and FeedbackGB202
Thurs Mar 156:00-9:00 pmProject ShowcaseGB202
Thurs Mar 296:00-8:00 pmProgram Debrief and LaunchpadGB202

How To Join
The application period for the 2017-18 cohort has closed.


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